As a Tulsa business owner, you’ve put a lot of hard work into your business. You put much time and attention into having the right tools, reliable employees, and maintaining the look of your storefront. You know that keeping your business safe is equally important. But you may think you have an adequate security system in place. How do you know if the commercial security system for your business needs an upgrade? Is it worth the cost? Let’s look at some areas that could reveal that your system may need an upgrade.

Video surveillance quality

How is the video quality on your surveillance cameras? Is it grainy and unclear? Low resolution cameras can significantly lower your ability to catch a criminal or provide enough solid evidence in a liability or workman’s compensation case. Plus, high-quality CCTV cameras are more affordable than they’ve ever been making it a great time to upgrade your surveillance system.

Is your business adequately covered by security cameras or do you only have cameras at the entrances of your store? Having enough high-quality cameras to capture virtually every part of your business, both inside and outside, is crucial, not only to identifying criminals but also to deter criminal activity. Shoplifters are far less likely to act if they know they’re on camera. And employees who know they’re being watched will be far less likely to steal, not just products or petty cash, but less likely to steal time.

Today’s cameras can also do more with less.

arecont vision commercial security systems

arecont vision commercial security systems

“A single SurroundVideo Omni series camera can replace multiple single sensor cameras with astonishing effectiveness,” Arecont Vision noted. “Arecont Vision megapixel technology delivers superior image quality and reduces overall system costs by covering larger areas with fewer cameras. An area typically requiring multiple pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras or multiple fixed view cameras can be covered with a single SurroundVideo Omni Series camera. SurroundVideo Omni multi-sensor cameras deliver comprehensive coverage and forensic detail, all without the need for an operator to direct them or the propensity to be facing the wrong way when an incident occurs.”

And today’s digital storage systems make reviewing video footage much easier than searching through the videotapes of older systems. You can search for specific dates and times creating a useful audit trail.

Security system vulnerability  

Older commercial security systems can leave a business more vulnerable to crime. If there wasn’t so much crime in Tulsa, that may not be problem. But almost every day, we hear news reports of burglaries or robberies happening right here in Tulsa. Outdated business security systems are easier for criminals to deactivate or bypass. Just as we update the software on our computers and phones to make them less vulnerable to cyberattacks, updating your commercial security system can help protect it from security breaches.

Upgraded commercial security systems are also better integrated with wireless alarm monitoring services like MacNet so that emergency personnel can provided the quickest response in an emergency.

Security system management

Remote Access commercial security systems

Remote Access for commercial security systems

Do you have remote access to your security system? Upgrading your system can allow you to easily and quickly keep watch over your company even when you’re not there with remote access viewing. Thus, you can manage your security installations from anywhere and receive notifications if anything suspicious happens. This is not only helpful to giving you peace of mind with your security but also can be helpful in alerting you to any extreme temperature change, flooding from leaks, or other causes of property damage.

Access control integration

An upgraded commercial security system also can included valuable access control features that can significantly improve the security of your business. The best security systems implement access control to help prevent security issues. These systems are also more affordable than ever and can integrate with your surveillance system to track and limit who is entering your property and when they leave.

Badge card readers can easily integrate with time and attendance software to prevent employees from “buddy punching” while overall holding them more accountable for their actions. With these access control systems, employee permissions are simple to change or delete altogether making your business much more secure.

Overall, security systems that are more than 5-10 years old or those with low-resolution cameras can benefit from a security evaluation and possible upgrade.

At Mac Security in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we specialize in commercial security system design, installation, and maintenance. We can evaluate your current security system to see whether you could benefit from an upgrade, and we can help you find the most cost-effective solution.