Is your Oklahoma City business looking to revamp things in 2018? Maybe you’re reevaluating processes you use or services you employ to see where things can be more streamlined. Well, one area that can help improve your business and even your bottom line is your overall security plan.  How could updating your business security system improve your OKC business?

Prevent Inventory Shrinkage with Updated Video Surveillance.

shoplifting Inventory shrinkage from shoplifting, whether from external or even internal sources can cost a company dearly. According to the Small Business Association, “Small damages to large companies, such as shoplifting, can cause major losses to a small business. More destructive
crime, such as theft or burglary, can sometimes cost a business everything.”

These small losses can add up over time cutting into a business’ bottom line, but an updated business security system with well-positioned video surveillance can help deter shoplifting as well as help catch criminals.

Employee theft has been called the “single biggest cause of loss to retailers.” Security cameras can help to curtail this type of theft and help to increase business productivity. But having a professional security company install your surveillance cameras is important because they will know the most effective locations to install and position the cameras.

Video Surveillance and Business Security Systems Deter Vandalism and Burglary

Not only is the thought of being caught on camera a deterrent for shoplifters, but it can also help deter burglars and vandals from damaging your business property as well. Vandalism and burglaries can cost a company tremendous loss, and smaller business may struggle to survive afterward.

And in today’s world, criminals no longer just target physical property to steal. Some break-in solely to steal clients’ identity information, which can cause untold problems and liability concerns for years to come.

Here again, a professional security company can examine your property for weak areas where criminals would most likely target and position the security cameras to get the best view.

Access Control Systems Offer Numerous Benefits.

Access control systems can simplify the management of your business security system and offer greater security, especially for sensitive areas or property. Employees can use a simple smart card ID for a variety of access points across large campuses, even providing both physical and IT access.

security companies tulsaThis access control technology can streamline your time and attendance processes, saving you money with more accurate clock-in times and reducing “buddy punching” activity. These business security systems are ideal for knowing who is on your property after-hours and are a simple and easy way to revoke access to any employees who have to be let go. Imagine never having to change the locks again!


Updated Business Security Systems Offer More Reliable Response to Emergencies.

If a criminal does attempt to break-in to your OKC company, an updated business security system will ensure the alarm sounds and the authorities are quickly notified.

Updated business security systems will be more difficult for criminals to bypass, and will help deter them by making them look for an easier target.

Thus, not only can an updated business security system better protect your OKC company, but it can also streamline your business, thus saving you money. But hiring a professional security company is important. Call the business security professionals at Mac Security in OKC and Tulsa. We can design, install, and maintain the best business security system for your business.