We often reevaluate things at the start of a new year. Many begin a new diet, a new exercise program, or a new career goal. As a business owner or manager, it’s also a good time to reevaluate your company to see what goals you should set for the upcoming year. Some may look back on their sales for the previous year or their marketing strategy and analyze what seemed to work and what could be improved. But do you also look back on your business security system for the year? What do we mean?

The security system your business has in place can significantly impact your company in the long run, especially if you were to suffer a burglary or other incident such as liability fraud. Thus, making sure your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business has the right security system in place is really vital, although it may be easy to overlook or procrastinate implementing.

Thus, in evaluating this past year’s business security system, do you see any areas where your business could be vulnerable? Did you have any break-ins or incidents of vandalism? Does there always seem to be loiters around your property?

Remote AccessDo your employees feel afraid to work alone after-hours, or have they expressed concern about safety and security when leaving work? Have you had any workman’s compensation claims this past year? Did any incident seem questionable? Have you had any incidents of missing money or items during the year where you wondered if it could have been employee theft?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to consider investing in a business security system or add surveillance cameras or even access control systems to ensure your business and employees stay safe this year.

Having an up-to-date business security system will ensure your company is in the best situation security wise for the coming year. An updated security system is less vulnerable to being tampered with or deactivated by burglars. These updated systems are also more easily integrated with alarm monitoring systems to ensure you have the fastest emergency response.

Although some may feel that adding surveillance cameras will make employees or customers feel uncomfortable, having cameras in place security companies tulsacan actually make them feel more secure. With surveillance cameras in place, employees know there will be video proof of any harassment they could possibly experience from fellow employees or proof to vindicate them if someone falsely accuses them of stealing, etc.

Implementing security cameras can also improve productivity in your business. Employees that know they are being watched via surveillance are more likely to work diligently and honestly. Many commercial security systems now offer remote viewing so that you can easily keep an eye on your business even when you’re not physically present.

Adding access control systems to your business using access cards or biometrics can help to prevent theft and other crimes while also improving accountability and productivity. Implementing access control systems that integrate with your surveillance and time and attendance Mac Securityprogram can prevent “buddy punching” and holds employees more accountable for their actions. It can also make it much easier to revoke access and maintain business security if an employee is let go.

So, is your business ready for 2018? The business security system experts at Mac Security in both Tulsa and OKC can help make sure your business stays safe in the coming year with the best security system for your particular business. We can design and install the right security system for your company’s needs.