As a business owner, you realize the ever-increasing challenges to securing a business. From burglary and vandalism to shoplifting and even identity theft, there seems to be no end to the ways your business can be threatened by criminals. Then, there’s also fraudulent liability claims and false workman’s compensation claims that could also severely cripple your business.

Thus, surveillance cameras are an integral part of your business security system. Using surveillance cameras in your Tulsa or OKC business not only will help deter criminals in the first place but can also help in identifying and prosecuting criminals as well. Surveillance footage is also vital to proving fraud in a liability case. But these surveillance cameras are only helpful if they produce clear footage, and this can be especially difficult at night or under extreme conditions.

Bosch Security Systems© has developed a solution. Their new MIC IP cameras boast such a rugged design and versatility that they can perform in “practically any environment.”

bosch camerasIn both Tulsa and OKC, we understand the meaning of severe weather. Thus, an Oklahoma business owner needs a surveillance camerasystem that can withstand the severest of weather conditions. Bosch’s new MIC IP starlight 7000i and the MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras can withstand “high winds, rain, fog, dust and 100% humidity (UL Type 6P and IP68), temperatures from -40°C to +65°C, extreme vibrations (IEC60068) and high impacts (IK10).” The metallurgy and finish of these surveillance cameras also protect against corrosion.

These new cameras are not just made to survive in harsh weather, but almost appear to thrive in difficult weather conditions. They even have motorized wipers and defog/defrost features!

“When foggy or other low-contrast scenes are viewed, visibility is improved by the camera’s Intelligent Defog feature,” Bosch commented. “Both cameras offer an integrated motorized silicone wiper to keep the glass clean. The window-defrosting function makes sure the MIC IP fusion 9000i captures the highest quality video no matter how cold it gets. These self-cleaning capabilities, combined with the NEMA-TS2 rating, ensure MIC IP cameras are also the ideal choice for traffic applications such as tunnels and bridges.”

How do these new surveillance cameras hold up at night? “Built-in starlight technology ensures highly detailed color images in extreme low-light situations. When light levels drop to zero, the optional illuminator in the MIC IP starlight 7000i camera, or the thermal capabilities of the MIC IP fusion 9000i, ensure the greatest level of detail or early detection of objects,” Bosch noted.

Would moving objects be able to be captured on video even at night? Yes! With these new cameras, high quality color images of fast moving objects can be captured even in minimum light.  “Fast moving objects are captured without difficulty thanks to the high frame rate. Perfect exposure of (moving) objects in unevenly lit scenes is safeguarded by the camera’s High Dynamic Range of 120 dB….When light levels drop to zero, the MIC IP starlight 7000i can be complemented with an optional illuminator, enabling the camera to capture high quality images in complete darkness over a distance of up to 450m. This ensures that objects of interest always have optimum illumination,” Bosch added.

The built-in Intelligent Video Analytics of these cameras provide superior protection in preventing false alarms and greatly improving situational awareness. “This type of video analytics stands out from other video content analysis solutions because of its ability to differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers,” Bosch added.

Both MIC IP models deliver video analytics while objects are in motion.  “An operator is alerted, or the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature is triggered, the moment a moving object or person is detected while the MIC IP camera is panning, tilting or zooming. Once Intelligent Tracking is activated, it ensures that moving objects are automatically tracked,” Bosch noted.

These new surveillance cameras from Bosch clearly are designed to provide the ultimate security protection. These also allow for easy installation and data management. These cameras deliver superior security amid the harshest conditions. For more information on how these surveillance cameras could benefit your Tulsa or OKC business, contact the security specialists at Mac Security. We can help design, install, and monitor the best surveillance camera and security system for your particular business.

To discover more of the capabilities of these new cameras, visit Bosch Security Systems.

(Photos by Bosch Security Systems.)