If you are a small business owner in Tulsa, you may be wondering if a business security system is worth the expense. Opening and running a business requires a large investment already, so you may feel that’s all you can afford until your business becomes more established. And you may feel that paying for insurance is the only safety measure you need to take, but there are solid reasons why installing a business security system, even with a small business, is a wise investment. Let’s see why.

Survival Rates for Small Businesses

It’s often tough for small businesses to survive the first few years in general. Add to that a break-in, employee theft, or liability lawsuit, and a small business will really be struggling to make it. Small businesses are far less likely to survive a costly burglary or lawsuit than larger business.

In their crime prevention training course, the Small Business Administration noted that “Crime prevention is critically important to the success of a small business. Small firms are more vulnerable than large firms. Inventory, cash and other assets need to be guarded more closely. Small damages to large companies, such as shoplifting, can cause major losses to a small business. More destructive crime, such as theft or burglary, can sometimes cost a business everything.”

The fact that small businesses are so vulnerable to bumps in the road is one major reason to invest in a commercial security system in Tulsa and OKC. You simply may not be able to afford not to have a security system in the event of major burglary or liability claim.

Robberies and break-ins are on-going problems in Tulsa, so having a business security system with surveillance cameras and access control can help to deter criminals from even trying to attempt a crime. And a professional security system will help to prevent not only costly break-ins or vandalism but help prevent various other forms of theft and fraud as well.

Various Forms of Theft

Sadly, one of the worst threats to your business may come from those closest to the business. Employee theft has been noted as one of thesecurity systems tulsa major causes of loss, especially for retailers. In 2015, Forbes magazine wrote about the US Retail Fraud Survey, a report that “identified employee theft as the single biggest cause of loss to retailers.” This underscores the importance of having a business security system with professionally placed surveillance cameras that can not only identify those any do steal but also can help deter employee theft while helping to increase productivity.

Security Access ControlAccess control systems can also help to protect areas with more valuable assets or computers with sensitive information by only permitting certain qualified personnel to gain entry to those specific areas.

Shoplifting is another major cause of loss among retailers. Although training employees to look for suspicious behavior and practice good customer service skills can greatly help to prevent shoplifting, employees can’t always keep a watch on everyone, especially during the busy holiday season. Thus, carefully placed surveillance cameras can identity shoplifters and help deter them.

And in today’s world of identity theft, when burglars breaks-in, they may be after more than just valuable equipment. Clients’ personal information can be at risk of being stolen, even during a physical break-in. This can lead to numerous problems and liability concerns.

Liability claims and insurance

A liability lawsuit could cripple a small business in Tulsa, but a well-designed business security system with surveillance cameras can help to quickly and easily settle false liability claims made by workers or customers. These advanced surveillance systems can help to provide proof for fraudulent workman’s compensation claims or other liability claims.insurance, security

Having a good business security system along with a professional alarm monitoring service in Tulsa or OKC not only will give you peace of mind, but many insurance companies also offer discounts to businesses with fire and life safety systems in place.

A professional security system and a reliable alarm monitoring service like MacNet will help to ensure your business is taken care of even when you’re away and ensure emergency personnel respond quickly to any issues, also preventing a situation from being more serious and costly.

Well, we’ve established that even a small business in Tulsa or OKC could greatly benefit from a professional security system, but now which system do you choose? The security design and install experts at Mac Security in both Tulsa and OKC can help you determine the best business security system for your new company.