Running a business is not easy, to say the least. Then protecting that business becomes a whole other matter. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about how much you need to invest in a business security system to protect your company. Having a good business security system installed on your property is vital, but there are some other simple things you can do to protect the physical security of your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business.

Make sure your business has good lighting. Burglars, of course, love darkness, so one of the simplest ways to help deter criminals is to make sure both the interior and exterior of your business is well-lit at all times.  Make sure all entrances are well-lit in addition to the parking lot and any alleys or side doors. Having good security lights even in the parking lot will help prevent areas where people can loiter or where thieves can hide while they try to break-in. In addition, keep a few well-chosen lights on inside your store so that passerby could more readily see thieves if they did attempt to break-in.

Landscape to deter criminals. Not only do you want the landscaping of your business to attract customers, but it should also deter criminals. Thorny or prickly shrubs planted next to windows act as a natural deterrent to thieves. Keeping shrubs and bushes well-maintained also helps prevent them from blocking the view of windows and providing a good hiding place for criminals.

Check for security weaknesses. Another simple way to ensure your business’ security is to regularly conduct an audit of your property to check for weaknesses such as doors that are not closing properly or fences that have gaps. Make sure you have solid wood or steel doors with deadbolt locks and secure steel frames. Windows should be made of strong security glass. Regularly check windows to ensure they close properly. Keep merchandise away from windows when you close for the day so that thieves can’t easily “smash and grab” items and make a quick getaway. Ensure that all lights and surveillance cameras are in good working order.

If you have a business security system, make sure to regularly test the alarm system and have it regularly serviced by a certified professional. Mac Security in both Tulsa and OKC can make sure your business security system stays up-to-date and has all required maintenance to ensure it will always protect your property. We can design and install the best business security system for your company.

Access Control

Train employees. One of your largest security assets, as well as liabilities, can be your employees. Train all employees regularly on proper closing procedures, making sure all windows and doors are shut before they leave. Make sure they keep doors to sensitive areas closed. Make sure they know the procedures on how to manage and oversee visitors. And of course, ensure that all former employees return their keys or access cards upon employee termination.

Having a good access control system can mitigate some the risks of traditional lock and key systems. These advanced access controlsystems can help you easily manage who enters your property and easily revoke access when an employee is let go.

Don’t let criminals look at your business as an easy target. With good maintenance and attention to detail when it comes to any physical security weaknesses, you help to deter burglars and keep your business more secure.

alarm monitoringFor more help in keeping your business safe, call the security experts at Mac Security in both Tulsa and OKC. We can design and install the right business security system for your company and provide reliable alarm monitoring.  Another simple, yet effective way to improve the security of your business is to have a reliable alarm monitoring company watch your business 24/7. Even if you have a business security system, you need a monitoring service to let the police know if there is a break-in. An alarm monitoring company will be able to keep watch over your business at all times. It will be reliable even through power outages and will not be easily tampered with or disrupted. MacNet wireless alarm monitoring offers the dependable alarm monitoring your business needs without the extra third-party communication costs traditionally associated with alarm monitoring.