It appears that crime continues to increase in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas, and thus many companies install business security systems to help protect their assets from criminal activity. But what should a business, especially a small business, think about when choosing a business security system to secure their property?

Vulnerabilities and Assets to Protect

Business security systems are not a one-size-fits-all sort of technology. The type of business you have and the kind of assets you need to protect will determine what you need in a security system. A warehouse, for example, will have different security needs than a retail store. An industrial company or warehouse may need have specific needs when it comes to perimeter protection whereas a jewelry or department store may focus more on loss prevention or point-of-sale fraud. Also, do you have information you need to protect in addition to merchandise? Businesses that process large amounts of personal information, such as healthcare records or credit card records, need to protect those documents and server areas as much or more than physical merchandise.

But how do you know how to protect these different areas of vulnerability? This is where choosing the right business security system really means choosing the right business security company. A licensed and experienced security company will first perform a security risk assessment for your business to accurately evaluate your security needs. Mac Security in both Tulsa and OKC can identify where you are most vulnerable to theft and recommend the best security system to fit your particular needs and not try to upsell you a higher-priced system that won’t benefit your company.


A company will also need to take into consideration their location. Is it a high crime area? Are you on a highly-visible main road or ‘off the beaten path’ where thieves may not be noticed breaking in?  Do you have windows that are on the street level? If so, what merchandise can be seen or easily assessed from those windows?

Do you have one location now but plan on expanding to multiple locations or having a campus of buildings? The right security system will be able to scale up as your business expands. Mac Security can design and install a business security system that will meet the ever-changing security needs of your growing company.

Access Control

Maintaining the right access control is key to securing your business. Is there a large turnover of employees? Will you use access control Access Controlcards, passcodes, or traditional lock and keys? How will access control security be maintained when an employee leaves? Does the security system allow for remote access to control security or be alerted to a problem?

Alarm Monitoring

Next, the right business security system will be connected to the right alarm monitoring service. Obviously, you want your security system to prevent a break-in, but what happens in the event someone does even attempt to break-in? A good alarm monitoring service will send a fast, reliable signal when the alarm is triggered. This means an alarm service that cannot easily be tampered with. Criminals can quickly cut phone lines, so you need an alarm monitoring system that isn’t connected to these lines. Using a wireless radio communications network offers reliable monitoring that isn’t easily tampered, but will always be up and running regardless of weather, natural disasters, or problems with the phone company.

You’ll also need to consider whether the alarm monitoring service has any extra third-party fees associated with the service. Those that use phone lines, the Internet, or cellular will have third-party fees and may be subject to additional mandatory upgrades, trade-outs, or technological enhancements.

Also, find out how the company handles false alarms, what can be done to prevent these nuisance alarms, and what fees may be included for those.

alarm monitoringIn addition, if you are leasing office space, there can be restrictions or additional charges associated with installing a security system and alarm monitoring in these buildings. With MacNet wireless alarm monitoring, there is no cabling or IT department involved, so you can open immediately or gain a certificate of occupancy faster.

It’s vital to your business continuity to make sure you have the right business security system, one that will meet the particular needs of your business’ vulnerabilities and protect its assets. Mac Security in both Tulsa and OKC can help you choose the right system and provide all the design and installation services needed including video surveillance, intrusion systems, access control, and alarm monitoring.