Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been open for decades, you know how imperative it is to have the best security systems in place to protect your property.

And often, having the best security system means hiring the right security company to safeguard your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business. But where do you start? What should you look for to differentiate between security companies?

Local is best. National or large regional security companies can be difficult to work with and may not readily understand the security concerns in the Tulsa or OKC area your business is in. Hiring a local security company means your calls are answered by a real person, not a machine. Mac Security, with offices in both Tulsa and OKC, offers the personalized and proactive customer service you need and deserve. We are your neighbors. We understand the security issues facing your area and if an emergency or a natural disaster happens, we will be right here to help. As a local security and alarm monitoring company, we provide 24/7 emergency service.tulsa alarm company

One-stop-shop service. Hiring one local company that can take care of multiple business needs can really simplify your work load. Especially when it comes to business-critical systems like security and fire safety system code compliance, having one company to manage everything can relieve a great deal of stress. Instead of coordinating with a security company, a fire protection company, and even an alarm monitoring company to complete inspections and manage security systems, you could hire a single source provider to manage all these areas.

Mac Security

Mac Systems is a one-stop-shop provider for all your life safety needs. From fire protection systems and inspections to advanced security systems and alarm monitoring, Mac Systems can is the single source solution for all these mission-critical areas. We have recently created specialized divisions – Mac Security and MacNet wireless monitoring – to better service our Tulsa and OKC customers. With these new divisions, we can provide a more tailored approach to your security and alarm monitoring needs, while still managing your fire safety systems.  As a single source provider, we can ensure you’re always up to code in all these areas of life safety.

Custom security solutions. When choosing between the multitude of security companies in the area, it’s important to find one that will really listen to your needs, not just try to upsell you the latest security system model. A good security company will look at the size of your business now while factoring in future expansion. They should consider your real external and internal threats and your asset protection needs. You small business may not need the very latest in biometrics, but may need more in video surveillance cameras. The right security company will design, install, and maintain the best security system for your particular business.

At Mac Security, we’re a local company that will design and install a custom system to meet your real security needs now while allowing for scalability in the future. We offer the latest in advanced security systems, but won’t push you to buy a system you don’t need.

Reliable alarm monitoring. A good Tulsa or OKC security company will also provide reliable and cost-effective alarm monitoring services. Look for an alarm monitoring service that can withstand the onslaught of Oklahoma weather. Pick and alarm monitoring service that doesn’t have a lot of extra fees and one that has a redundancy system to ensure signals will reach the central station. A great security company will have a great alarm monitoring service. That is what MacNet wireless alarm monitoring offers. MacNet uses a private wireless mesh radio communication network with a redundancy of signal pathways to provide dependable commercial fire alarm and security system monitoring.

alarm monitoringWith MacNet, there is no need for cable, phone, Internet, or other third party monthly fees because it functions on a wireless radio network. This means the alarm monitoring system will always be up and running, regardless of weather, accidents, or problems with the phone company. NFPA72 compliant and UL Listed, MacNet is a reliable, cost-effective means of monitoring all your alarm systems.

So, which security company is right for you? Choose a company that is local, one that can manage all your life safety and security needs, one that will design a custom solution for your business, and one that offers the best in alarm monitoring. Mac Security, as a part of the Mac Systems group, can fulfill all these business needs and deliver the personalized customer service you deserve.