New Security Systems Intelligently Assist Tulsa Retailers in Loss Prevention

by | Jul 28, 2017 | News

Brick-and-mortar retail stores continue to have a difficult time competing against online retailers. Storefront retailers are forced not only to compete against other department stores and online merchants but also find innovative ways to prevent additional profit losses from theft. In this highly competitive environment, losses due to shoplifting and employee theft become even more of a threat to a retail store’s very existence.

But new, advanced security systems can greatly help Tulsa retailers in their fight against thieves. How can the latest security systems prove invaluable?

Cameras are no longer just cameras. Analytic software, targeted for the retail industry, can now be embedded into the video surveillance cameras to provide the real-time intelligence your Tulsa business needs to detect and prevent theft in a variety of ways. Cognimatics, a leading analytics technology company, was purchased earlier this year by one of our component vendors, Axis Communications, and is now fully integrated into their cameras.

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“Detect tailgating at your entrances when someone tailgates an authorized individual onto your premises. Use the random selector to perform random checks without profiling. Alert when someone enters or exits in the wrong direction using our Direction Detector,” Axis added.

Thus, this software can analyze and detect suspicious activity captured on camera and send automatic alerts for personnel to immediately
inspect the situation or later review specific camera footage, even timestamping the event so as to go directly to the incident on the footage.

“We all know CCTV can help reduce theft, especially when consumers know it’s there. But the real leap forward in loss prevention technology comes with network video. Axis network video solutions provide sharp, high-resolution images that enable you to follow suspicious behavior and make positive identifications,” Axis said. “They integrate with your available systems to reveal and minimize all kinds of shrinkage-related activities, such as EAS incidents.”

Network security cameras can also be integrated with POS systems to identify suspicious transactions, including employee fraud, with video evidence. They also can be easily integrated with EAS systems and other technologies like facial recognition software to minimize theft in its varied forms.

“With Axis network video, you’ll be able to tell the difference between common mistakes, misunderstandings and the increasingly innovative ways in which your POS system can be manipulated,” Axis added.

In addition to reducing loss prevention, these embedded video analytics provide valuable data to improve over business productivity and profits in a store. For example, this technology can provide powerful intel on foot traffic, store queues, people counting, and more.

“In its store optimization solution, Axis’ network cameras, audio products, added to business intelligence and analytics software, deliver unparalleled accuracy in terms of people counting, age and gender detection, store occupancy estimation, and queue monitoring,” Axis said. “The solution allows for the enhancement of the customer experience and sales opportunities through dynamic staffing levels, sales display information, and in-store announcements.”

For more information about how Axis Communications’ network security cameras with embedded video analytics can decrease theft in your business, call the security system experts at Mac Security. As a division of Mac Systems, Mac Security can provide everything you need to improve loss prevention and make your retail business more secure.


Photos by Axis Communications

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