We know crime in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City is a huge problem. We hear reports of businesses getting robbed nearly every week. So, of course, security is a big concern for most business owners. And restaurants have unique challenges when it comes to securing their facilities. That’s why having an up-to-date security system is vital for those in the restaurant industry.

In addition to preventing a robbery, there are numerous other security and productivity benefits to installing network surveillance cameras in businesses that specialize in the fast-paced world of hospitality like restaurants. “Going beyond traditional surveillance, Axis’ network video solutions are cross functional — meaning you can take advantage of benefits across your whole business,” our vendor Axis Communications noted.

Improve management capabilities with centralized monitoring. Installing a system of network surveillance cameras in your restaurants can allow your senior management to monitor all stores from a centralized location. This can help to decrease travel costs and improve efficiency.

Multi-location monitoring increased operational efficiency for one coffee retail chain that installed Axis Communications network cameras in their chain of stores.

“With the Axis installation, the senior management has now been able to monitor remote stores real time from a central location, over the Internet. The cameras enable effective and real time monitoring by providing vivid details enabling the authorities to monitor each order being dispensed,” Axis Communications noted. Each café had two Axis network cameras installed, one in the dispensing area and one at the billing counter. “Real time monitoring has reduced the need for senior authorities to travel to remote locations to monitor the stores. This has led to reduced costs and dependency on manual monitoring,” Axis Communications added.

Improve customer service. Real time multi-location monitoring also allows managers to easily gather valuable information to help improve the level of customer service at their stores. In the case study of the coffee retail chain that installed Axis Communications cameras, the centralized monitoring offered a way to “ensure consistent customer service across all locations.”

The customer experience could be enhanced because business intelligence in areas such as employee behavior, areas where employees needed training, consumer behavior, and other information could be assessed, even without being physically present, Axis noted. And without senior management physically there, managers could see how employees really responded in various customer service situations.

Prevent on-the-job theft. Employee theft is a major part of a company’s losses. According to Fortune magazine, in the U.S. employee theft “accounts for 43% of loss revenue.” And this on-the-job theft can come in many forms such as when an employee changes or voids a transaction to keep the extra money for themselves, offers friends unauthorized “discounts,” engages in credit card fraud, or starts “buddy punching” on time clocks.

Network surveillance cameras that monitor specific areas like the cash register area can help to prevent this type of theft or identify the wrongful employee. Video surveillance systems can even be connected to the point of sale (POS system) so that management can easily identify if the transaction matched the order.

Reduce liability claims and prevent violence or vandalism. Fraudulent workman’s compensation charges can greatly threaten a company’s success.  Having an up-to-date surveillance system can provide valuable proof in these and other liability claims.

Network cameras can also help management to prevent fights by monitoring aggravated situations before they escalate to violence, and security cameras can prove instrumental in catching or even preventing criminals from vandalizing your property.

Restaurant owners have so much to juggle in the course of a workday. A well-designed security and surveillance system can help to mitigate some of the safety concerns they face and at the same time provide numerous cost-saving and efficiency benefits. At Mac Systems, we can help Tulsa and Oklahoma City restaurant owners provide their customers with the best and safest experience possible with an advanced security and network surveillance system.